Having a Master Bedroom in the East According to Vastu

Having a Master Bedroom in the East According to Vastu

If you follow all the principles of Vastu, then you might know that having a Master bedroom in the east portion of your home is not very ideal.

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If you look at it scientifically, a bedroom in the east would allow less sleep as the sun rises there. To get better rest, one would need thick or heavy curtains to keep out the sun. This would in turn mess with your sleep cycle, especially if you are a late sleeper.

Here’s what Vastu has to say about bedrooms in the East-

  • Staying in an East bedroom is not ideal for a newly married couple.
  • The person who is considered as a breadwinner is also advised not to stay in the East Bedroom.
  • Place cupboards in the west of the master bedroom or South
  • The bed should be placed in the South or South-West portion of the Master bedroom.
  • The dressing table should go in the South East or North West portion of the room.
  • If there is an attached bathroom, see to it that it’s in the southeast corner or northwest corner of the room.
  • Avoid large mirrors in the bedroom.
  • To make your bedroom more warm and welcoming use light shades to paint your walls, chose a light pink, blue and all earthy colours like light green and almond shades. Whites and yellows are actually frowned upon.
  • Don’t use marble flooring in the master bedroom, especially for newly married couples.
  • See to it that the South West portion of your bedroom is not left empty, you need to have some furniture like the bed or lamp etc. there.
  • While designing the bedroom choose a square or rectangle shape. If you’re going with a rectangle, then keep the ratio less than 2.
  • Avoid having your master bedroom in the North East at all costs. It’s said to cause memory loss, dementia, irritability and the worst part is that there is no Vastu remedy for these problems.

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