What are the Top Things to Consider Before Renting Furniture in Hyderabad?    

Would you rather rent furniture rather than buy it? If you’re on the fence, you should know that it is actually easy on the pocket and a great option for your home.

Besides this, you would want your home to look modern and trendy. Following this, you will have to constantly update the elements of home décor to make your home look good.

You can rent furniture online in Hyderabad easily, as there are numerous furniture rental companies in the city. However, if you are new to renting furniture in Hyderabad, you may be a bit sceptical about the process.

Besides this, you will have to find whether the furniture rental company is genuine or not. Otherwise, you will lose your deposit and one month rent.

Below are some of the pointers that you need to keep in mind before renting furniture in Hyderabad:

  • Authenticity of the Company:

  • As the popularity of rental furniture services has increased, numerous companies have set up in Hyderabad. More number of companies are venturing into the business, given the increasing demand for rental furniture.

    In such a case, it is a difficult task to separate authentic furniture rental companies from the fake ones. In order to test the authenticity of a company, you can simply look for the reviews and ratings of the company, you also need to check the authenticity of the riviews. 

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  • Clauses of the Rental Agreement:

  • We all know how we read agreements—open the folder, scan through, and accept the terms and conditions. This carelessness can be a boon for fake websites. As a result, you should take into consideration all the clauses of the agreement.

    You need to read the terms and conditions with a lot of patience in hand. Look for the scenario when the rental agreement gets terminated. Know the criteria associated with the refund of the deposit.

    If you do not agree to a particular term, you can come to mutual grounds with the company.

  • Tenure for the Rental Agreement:

  • Tenure is one of the most important aspects of the rental agreement. Some of the companies have this minimum renting duration of eleven months. In this condition, if you decide to terminate the contract prior to the eleven months, you may lose on your deposit.

    As a result, you should be very clear regarding the rental tenure. If need be, you can extend the duration of the tenure. However, it is recommended to keep it to the minimum.

    Types of Rental Furniture Online in Hyderabad
    Your house needs a proper set of furniture to keep things organized. However, you need to prioritize pieces of furniture that you need. The best approach to find out what you need is to take a step-by-step approach.

    Below are some of the crucial parts of the furniture that you need for decorating and organizing your home
    Dining Table on Rent in Hyderabad

    Wish to have a dining table under Rs.5000? Well, you can rent it and have choices.

    There is a two-seater dining table, a four-seater dining table, and a six-seater dining table. If you decide to buy a second-hand dining table, you may not get it in a well-maintained condition. You will need to get it deep cleaned and polished.

    As a result, renting a dining table in Hyderabad is an ideal solution.

    Types of Dining Table: Glasstop dining table, wooden dining table, plastic dining table, metal dining table, marble dining table, granite dining table, etc.

    Size of the Dining Table: Two-seater dining table, four-seater dining table, six-seater dining table, and an eight-seater dining table.

    Rental Deposit of Dining Table: Ranging from Rs. 700 to Rs. 1,000.

    Cost of Monthly Rental of a Dining Table: Rs. 300 to Rs. 600
    Home Appliances on Rent in Hyderabad

    There are many home appliances on rent in Hyderabad available. As you might want your kitchen to be fully equipped with appliances, you can create a long list of home appliances that you need.

    Getting second-hand home appliances may bring in other additional costs. Below is the list of the home appliances that you can rent in Hyderabad.

    Types of Home Appliances: Television, microwave, refrigerator, speaker, home theatre system, juicer, mixer, grinder, washing machine, air cooler, air conditioner, etc.

    If you want to rent a television, the rental cost will be dependent on the size you select—24”, 32”, 42”, etc. On the other hand, the washing machine comes with an option of top-load washing machine and front-load washing machine. If you want to rent a refrigerator, you have the option to choose from a single door, double door, and triple door.

    If you want to rent an air conditioner, you will have to select from the capacity as well as from the options of split AC and window AC. In addition to this, microwave comes in with the option of a capacity range. You can select from microwave and microwave plus oven.

    Rental Deposit of a Microwave: The range of the rental deposit for a microwave is Rs. 700-Rs. 900.

    Cost of Monthly Rental of a Microwave: The cost of renting a microwave is Rs. 300 to Rs. 400.
    Study Table on Rent on Hyderabad

    Look for a study table under 500, and you will be disappointed. Search for study table under 1000, and you will still be disappointed.

    While buying a study table may not be the ultimate solution to your smaller pocket, renting a study table and chair can help you ease the expenses. You can simply decide to find a study table and chair on rent in Hyderabad.

    There are various types of study table combos available for rent—study table with chair, study table with storage, wall-mounted study table, study table with bookshelf, etc.

    The rental cost of a study table depends on the material and size.

    Material of a Study Table: Plastic, wooden, metal, etc.

    Size of a Study Table: Small, big, and medium.

    Rental Deposit for a Study Table: The rental deposit of a study table can range between Rs. 500 to Rs. 800.

    Monthly Rental Cost of a Study Table: The monthly rental cost of a study table would range between Rs. 150 to Rs. 500.
    Sofa Set on Rent in Hyderabad

    Purchasing a sofa set can be an expensive affair. If you love to host parties, you may need a bigger sofa to accommodate all the guests. In this case, you can rent either a five-seater or a sever-seater sofa set in Hyderabad.

    Renting a sofa set can be cheaper than actually buying one. As a result, it is recommended to rent a sofa.

    Types of Sofa Set: Iron sofa, cushioned sofa, Athena sofa, sofa cum bed, leather sofa, hugo sofa, l-shaped sofa, recliner sofa, rexine sofa, etc.

    Size of a Sofa Set: Single-seater sofa, three-seater sofa, five-seater sofa, seven-seater sofa, etc.

    Rental Deposit for a Sofa Set: The range of the deposit for renting a sofa set can fall into Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,500.

    Monthly Rental Cost of a Sofa Set: The monthly rental cost of a sofa set can range between Rs. 500 to Rs. 800
    Bed on Rent in Hyderabad

    Agree or not—You need a bed more than you need a microwave or a dining table. In this case, it is essential for you to understand the types of beds available for rent.

    These days, you can even rent a bed along with the mattress. There are many combos available. In case you have a 1BHK or a 2 BHK flat, you can simply decide to rent a bed that comes with a storage capacity.

    Types of Beds: King-sized bed, queen-sized bed, diwan cum bed, sofa cum bed, single bed, storage bed, and soho queen bed, etc.

    Material of Beds: Wood and Iron.

    Rental Deposit for Beds: The rental deposit for beds may range between Rs. 600-Rs. 800.

    Monthly Rental Cost for Beds: The cost of renting a bed can range between Rs. 400 to Rs. 700.
    Key Takeaways

    Renting a bed online in Hyderabad has never been this easier. You can look for furniture rental companies. NoBroker is one such company offering furniture in rent. Usually, you have to follow a simple process to reach out to the executives of the company and communicate your needs.

    You can visit the website or the app of NoBroker. The next step is to select your city and choose the type of furniture pieces that you need. Once you have your furniture added to the cart, our executives will contact you. Once the terms of the rental agreement are accepted by both the parties, you will have to furnish the residential address and get ready to receive the deliverables. The best part is, we transport the furniture for FREE!