How to Design an Aesthetically pleasing Home in Ghaziabad?
Aesthetics is synonymous with interior designing. You must choose all the right colours and textures, all the elements in your home need to match. However, considering the cost of the interior designers, you surely do not want to spend lakhs to decorate your home.

The best possible solution is to find a theme that is ‘you’ and then go on selecting pieces of furniture accordingly. This can easily be done online, and again, you won’t have to spend to much as renting furniture in Ghaziabad is now cheap.

The trend of buying furniture is long gone. These days, people rent furniture in Ghaziabad for their home. This way, they can experiment with a lot of themes and effects in their home. Besides this, your home can stay up to date with a chic collection of furniture.

Renting furniture in Ghaziabad is going to be the trend for quite some time now. If you are looking for companies that offer rental furniture services in Ghaziabad, you can contact NoBroker. We, at NoBroker, will ensure that you get good pieces of furniture.

Are you wondering about the types of furniture that you can rent in Ghaziabad? Keep reading to find out.
Benefits of Renting Furniture in Ghaziabad for your Home
When you buy a piece of furniture, you will be charged a lot of money. When you decide to buy a second-hand piece of furniture, you will get it at affordable prices; however, the maintenance cost can be high.

In such a situation, rental furniture can offer you the benefit of both the first-hand and second-hand purchase of furniture. Below are some of the other benefits of renting furniture in Ghaziabad:

-> Attractive Furniture Combos:

If you worry about your sense of interior designing, all you need to do is select the size of your home and then select the package as per your needs. Regardless of the size of your home—1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, or 4BHK, and more—you can find the right package. You can customize the package by adding or removing any furniture item if you need.

-> Free Delivery and Assembling:

You only must select the furniture and wait for about 72 hours for it to get delivered at your doorstep. You do not have to look for the transportation services for the delivery. Our experts can help you assemble furniture pieces.

-> Highly Affordable:

Though you get modern pieces of furniture, you do not have to pay the full price for it. You can simply rent furniture in Ghaziabad, the rental deposit and monthly rental prices are very affordable.

-> Hassle-free Checkout Process:
There are multiple payment modes for the checkout process. You can either choose to pay online or through cash for an easy checkout.
What are the Top Picks for the Bedroom, Living Room, and Kitchen?
Who does not want to come to a home that looks beautiful? Furniture makes an important part in a home. Below are the top picks of furniture for the bedroom, living room, and kitchen:
Furniture on Rent in Ghaziabad for Bedroom:
A study table, a bed, a TV, and you are sorted.

In order to have the utmost comfort in your bedroom, you should look for the furniture that makes your task easier. Your bedroom is a place where you spend your time either relaxing or working.

For work or study purpose, you can rent a study table in Ghaziabad. A study table is available in different size and material. There is a small-sized study table, medium-sized study table, and a big- sized study table.

Apart from the size, the material of the table also plays a crucial part in the monthly rental cost. The choices that you get for the study table are wood and metal. The cost of renting a study table in Ghaziabad is estimated to be about Rs. 200 to Rs. 300.

If you think that you cannot work on the study table by sitting on the bed, you can rent a study table and a chair combo.

The next crucial piece of furniture is a bed. While choosing the best possible bed for your needs is difficult, you can look at options like king-sized bed, queen-sized bed, single bed, diwan bed, sofa cum bed, etc., you can assess your need by counting the number of your family member.

If you live in a 2BHK flat, you will need to rent two beds. Here, you can look at the size of the bed and select the right one for you. Renting a bed in Ghaziabad can cost you about Rs. 400 to Rs 500.
Furniture on Rent in Ghaziabad for Living Room:
Your living room is the place, which helps you make the first impression in front of your guests. Obviously, you would want it to look beautiful and trendy.

Having a chic sofa set in the living room, and a TV can make your living room complete. However, the tough part is to find options.

A sofa set is available in different sizes and types—recliner, a three-seater sofa set, a five-seater sofa set, and a seven-seater sofa set. It is not mandatory that you must rent a sofa set in Ghaziabad for a long period of time. You can simply look for sofa set rental in Ghaziabad, even if you need it for a couple of days when you are hosting an event at your home.

The monthly rental cost of a sofa set could start from Rs. 600, and could go even higher based on the size and material of a sofa. Besides a sofa set, you will need to have a TV in the living room. If you do not have a spacious living room, a small-sized TV of 24” could suffice the need. On the other hand, if you are an entertainment buff, you should look for a medium or a big-sized TV.

The rental cost of a TV starts from Rs. 400.
Furniture on Rent in Ghaziabad for Kitchen:
You need your home to look perfect and your kitchen to be equipped with the right home appliances. Buying all the new sets of home appliances is too much commitment for us, given the high purchase price and the maintenance cost.

In such a case, the best that you can do to your kitchen is to rent home appliances in Ghaziabad.

Starting from the corner of your kitchen, you should look for a refrigerator that will cater to your cooling needs. The options that you should look for is a single-door refrigerator, double-door refrigerator, and a triple door refrigerator.

You should look for the capacity of the refrigerator. If you have a large family, you can rent a refrigerator in Ghaziabad that is able to hold a high capacity. The rental cost of a refrigerator in Ghaziabad starts from Rs. 500.

For renting a dining table, you can look at the multiple options open for you—a two-seater dining table, a four-seater dining table, and a six-seater dining table. Besides this, you can select the material of the dining table from the wooden, glass-top, metal, etc.

The cost of renting a dining table in Ghaziabad starts from Rs. 500, and the rental deposit for the dining table is Rs. 800-Rs. 1,000.

Among the rental home appliances in Ghaziabad, there are other equipment such as a washing machine, microwave, induction, and juicer. For the smaller home appliances, it is a good idea to look for the combos rather than renting individual items for the kitchen.

You can rent a washing machine in Ghaziabad by choosing the option from a top load washing machine and a front-load washing machine. Typically, the cost of renting a washing machine ranges between Rs. 300-Rs. 500.
Things to Consider Before Renting Furniture in Ghaziabad
Usually, the process of renting a piece of furniture in Ghaziabad is a simple process. All you need to do is select the type of furniture, checkout, and wait for the delivery.

However, there are some of the factors that you need to consider before renting furniture in Ghaziabad:

-> Tenure for the Rental:

You may need furniture for different purposes. As a result, the tenure for renting furniture may vary. Hence, it is crucial for you to assess your need and select a practical timeframe for renting furniture in Ghaziabad, else you will end up paying more money than required.

-> Rental Agreement:

You may not give due importance to the rental agreement. However, it is crucial that you read all the clauses and terms attentively. This way, you will save yourself from falling into the trap of the law.

Once you are on terms with the rental agreement and the tenure, you can proceed with the renting. With NoBroker, you won’t have any delays, or issues with quality, try it and enjoy a new way of renting furniture.