Why Should you Consider Renting Furniture in Mumbai?

So, you have recently moved into Mumbai, and have rented that flat of your choice. What remains, for now, is to turn this rental flat into a dream home by attributing your persona to it.

Furniture and decorative pieces can help you light up your home. We are living in an era where we can get everything on rent online. Getting pieces of furniture is also becoming easier these days. In such a case, finding furniture on rent in Mumbai is no longer a mammoth task. You can simply look around on the Internet for the companies offering rental furniture and find the best ones out of them.

If you are unsure whether rental furniture is the right choice for you, below are some of the benefits of having rental furniture:

  • Better Life is Here:
  • You may have shifted to Mumbai because of the better employment opportunity. Now that you have come a long way from your home, and are working really hard to make ends meet, you deserve to lead a quality life.

    Since most of the trendy pieces of furniture are expensive, you can bring home the modern pieces of furniture at an affordable price, when you decide to rent them.

  • Have all that you need, without a Big Price to Pay:
  • Usually, when you invest in a home or even decide to rent it, you have already put a big hole in the pocket. In this case, you will be left with a constant choice to decorate your home. You will have to choose from bed and sofa, study table and coffee table, dining table and microwave, and the list is too long.

    As a result, the best solution to having it all is to rent furniture in Mumbai.

  • Change, anytime:
  • We are a generation that does not settle for things. Our needs and wants keep on evolving. As a result, when you buy expensive pieces of furniture and get bored with it, you may not get the full price of it. In addition to this, you will have to spend extra money for buying new furniture.

    What you can do is, simply rent furniture for a specified time duration. Now, after the rental agreement terminates, you can decide to rent a new piece of furniture or can upgrade them to meet your evolved needs.

    What are the Types of Furniture that you can Rent in Mumbai?
    Usually, Mumbai is the place where trends are actually is born. As people seeking employment opportunities come to the city in large number every year, the demand for rental houses is high. In addition to this, the need for rental furniture in Mumbai is also high.
    There are different pieces of furniture that you can rent in Mumbai.
    Rent a Dining Table in Mumbai
    If you are a foodie, you may want your kitchen to look in a certain way than the other rooms in your home. A dining table may hold utmost importance for you. In such a case, you can find a dining table on rent in Mumbai.

    The rental cost of the dining table will depend on the type of material and size. For instance, a four-seater dining table in Mumbai manufactured using plastic material could cost up to about Rs. 500-600 per month. If you are renting a two-seater dining table, made up of plastic, the cost could be about Rs. 300-400 per month.

    The cost of a two-seater dining table set in Mumbai, manufactured using wooden material, could be about Rs. 600-700.
    Home Appliances on Rent in Mumbai
    When it comes to quality living, home appliances hold utmost importance. Besides lights and fans, there are microwaves, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, speakers, etc.

    Mumbai is known to have a very hot and humid climate, hence even in October, November, and December, you may need an air conditioner. You may rent an air conditioner online in Mumbai from NoBroker. You will find plenty of split AC and window AC options to choose from. You can simply select the one that can suffice the capacity need of your home.

    Besides this, there are various kitchen appliances on rent in Mumbai, like- microwave, oven, juicer, refrigerator, and grinder. Some of the furniture rental companies in Mumbai even offer these appliances as a combo. This way, you can rent a combo of kitchen appliances in Mumbai, and cut down on the hassles of signing multiple rental agreements.

    Among the other appliances on rent in Mumbai, you can look for rental televisions. The deposit that you may have to pay for renting a TV could be about Rs. 800-1,000. These days, you can even rent the latest models of television. Smart LED TV with a smaller display size may (24”-32”) cost Rs. 300 per month, while that with a bigger display size (42”) may cost you about Rs. 400 per month.
    Study Table on Rent in Mumbai
    If you have a student at your home, or if you need to work from home, you can rent a study table in Mumbai.

    Similar to a dining table, the deposit and monthly rental cost of a study table can vary, based on the size and material. These days, you won’t find the study table made up of iron. You can choose from plastic and wood materials.

    The rental price of a wooden study table may range from Rs. 300-350 per month. On the other hand, the rental price of a plastic study table could cost you about Rs. 200-300. If you own a smaller flat, i.e. a 1BHK or a 1.5 BHK and have no place to manage all the required pieces of furniture, you can rent a wall-mounted study table in Mumbai.
    Finding a study table online in Mumbai is easy these days when you have rental furniture companies like NoBroker.
    Rent a Sofa in Mumbai
    Wish to find a sofa set on rent in Mumbai? You have multiple choices. There is an L-shaped sofa, sofa cum bed on rent in Mumbai, diwan on rent in Mumbai, etc.

    If you want to rent a five-seater sofa set in Mumbai, you can get it for Rs. 600 per month. Besides this, you can even find a two-seater sofa on rent in Mumbai for about Rs. 300 per month. The rental deposit for renting a sofa in Mumbai starts from Rs. 800-Rs. 1,000.

    There are many different types of sofa sets—leather, fabric, iron, rexine, etc. The price of each of these will vary. The cost of a cozy leather sofa set could cost about Rs. 600-700 a month. In addition to this, you can rent a fabric sofa for about Rs. 400-Rs. 500 per month.
    Beds on Rent in Mumbai
    You may not even consider renting other pieces of furniture. However, when it comes to bed, it is must-to-have. You can simply search for bed on rent near me in Mumbai to look for companies that can provide you with rental beds.

    If you have a small flat, you can look for a bed with storage in Mumbai. This way, you will be able to store your additional household items. If you wish to bring in comfort in your home, you can look for a water bed on rent in Mumbai.

    Besides this, there is a sofa cum bed on rent in Mumbai, which you can use two ways. If you are living all alone, you do not need to rent a double bed. You can simply opt for a single bed on rent in Mumbai.
    How to Rent Furniture in Mumbai?

    Renting furniture in Mumbai is a no big deal, in this Internet era. All you need to do is search for furniture on rent in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and find companies that offer rental furniture.

    If you are confused as to which company to choose, you can go with NoBroker. Here you will find a range of exclusive furniture pieces available for you to decorate your house. You have to follow the five-step process, and you are done:

  • Assess your furniture needs:
  • You may have a long list of furniture already, and you may not even need it. As a result, you may have to bear a hefty cost. As a solution to this, you can simply look around in your house to assess your furniture needs.

  • Select Pieces of Furniture
  • Now visit either the NoBroker website or the app, and look for various categories. Add to cart the furniture pieces that you wish to rent.

  • Select the Duration of Rent
  • Know how long are you in the city, and select the tenure for the rental agreement.

  • Checkout:
  • Pay the deposit and checkout. The customer executives will contact you and ask for confirming your residential address.

  • Delivery:
  • We offer free delivery across the city. You only have to rent the required pieces of furniture, and you will get it at your doorstep.

    The entire process is simple and very quick, try NoBroker today to rent high quality furniture at very affordbale rates.