What are the Types of Furniture that you can Rent in Pune?    

Owning a piece of furniture is a sure delight for many of us. And, why not?

We spend our precious time working to earn enough and build our dream home block-by-block. However, looking at the price of the furniture, not all of us have the luxury to buy what we dream of. In such a case, renting furniture can be a sensible choice.

Besides this, if you are living in a rental home, you may not want to take the hassle to pack and move all these huge pieces, every time you move to a new place. In any case, renting furniture in Pune can be a good choice.

If you are wondering what the types of furniture that you can rent are, read on.

Rent a Bed in Pune    

If you are looking at renting a bed, you should know your requirement first. There are many types of beds, such as queen-sized bed, king-sized bed, and a single bed. Besides this, you should also decide on the material of the bed that you need. There is a wooden material bed and an iron bed. Comfort and compactness are the key features of the beds available in the modern era. In addition, the durability of the frame of a bed should be the second criteria that you should look at. The honey finish and rust-free coating are the two unique features offered by the bed manufacturing companies.

Some of the companies offer a combo package of bed and mattress, while some do not. In such a case, it is better that you read the offering beforehand to avoid any type of confusion. If not, you can buy a mattress separately.

You have to buy the bed covers and pillows on your own for hygiene purposes.

Are you wondering about the price of renting a bed in Pune?

You have to pay the deposit of about Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,000, based on the size and quality of the bed that you rent. The monthly price of a single bed could be around Rs. 250-Rs. 350. The monthly price of renting a queen-sized bed in Pune would be around Rs. 400-Rs. 500. The estimated cost of renting a king-sized bed in Pune is about Rs.500-Rs. 700.

Rent a Sofa Set in Pune    

Thinking to give your home a makeover but on a low budget? Renting a sofa set can come to your rescue. The modern couches are taking over the traditional sofa set. If you wish to match your sofa set with your wall, you can simply select from the various types of options available.

There is a two-seater sofa and a three-seater sofa and more.

In the small houses, the trend of sofa-bed is also popular. In such a case, you should first look at the size of your house and then choose the type of the sofa. If you like to sit upright on the sofa, you should select the sofa that has a short seat depth. If you are a couch potato, a sofa with a depth of about 20 inches would be comfortable for you.

The deposit of a sofa would fall in the range of Rs. 3,000-Rs. 4,000. The monthly rent of a two-seater sofa would be about Rs. 900, and that of a three-seater sofa would range between Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 1,400.

Rent a Study Table in Pune    

A must-have in a home with children and workaholics, a study table, can also increase the aesthetics of your home. Besides this, if you work from home, you can simply select a comfortable study table and chair.

A study table with many compartments can help you store all your essentials in one place. This will save you from making several trips to the bedroom and living room for finding what you need for work. Usually, you do not get a chair along with a table. You have to buy it separately. In such a case, first, choose the table and then spot the distance between your elbow and table.

Then decide on the size of the chair. If you want to work or study in a clutter-free environment, do not select the tables that have frames on the top of it. Select the ones that are simple. There are some of the tables that can be wall-mounted, which can be great for studio apartment and 1 BHK flats.

The deposit that you should look at would be around Rs. 3,000. For a study table, the monthly rent could be around Rs. 800-Rs. 1,200, depending on the features and material. For a chair, the monthly rent would be around Rs. 1,300.

Rent Home Appliances in Pune    

Home appliances come to our rescue when we are leading a super-busy lifestyle. You can rent a refrigerator, washing machine, television, microwave, oven, wi-fi, etc.

All of these appliances are getting smarter with every passing day. Hence, it is essential for you to stay updated with the trends to rent the latest models.

The refrigerators can be bifurcated based on their capacities—170 litres, 190 litres, 210 litres, 240 litres, etc. Besides this, you can even select the number of doors that you want. Refrigerators are available with one, two, and three doors.

The deposit that you need to pay for renting a refrigerator in Pune is Rs. 1,400. If you are renting a mini-refrigerator in Pune, the monthly price would be around Rs. 300-Rs. 400. For a single-door refrigerator, you can look at the monthly rental price of Rs. 500-Rs. 650. For a double-door refrigerator, the monthly rental would range between Rs. 900-Rs. 1,200.

Washing machines are available in different categories—fully-automatic, semi-automatic, front load, backload, etc. The modern washing machines consist of the multi-utility tray, waterproof panel, smart scrub station, and various rinsing features. The deposit for renting a washing machine is about Rs. 1,000. The monthly rent for a semi-automatic washing machine can range between Rs. 500-Rs.600. When you are renting a fully-automatic washing machine in Pune, the monthly rent could be around Rs. 900-Rs.1,000.

If you wish to rent a television, you need to decide on a technology. Currently, smart LED TVs are chart-toppers. Various sizes of the television available are 24”, 32”, 40”, 49”, and 55”. You can select the sizes, and you will be charged accordingly. The deposit for renting a television would be about Rs. 600-Rs. 1,000. The monthly cost of renting a Smart LED TV with a smaller screen size would be around Rs. 300-Rs. 500. The rental price of Smart LED TV with a large screen size could range between Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 2,000.

Rent a Dining Table in Pune    

A dining table is the most important furniture piece in the kitchen. This is the furniture that brings the entire family together. Based on the size of your family, you can select the size of your furniture.

There is a 2-seater dining table, a 4-seater dining table, and a 6-seater dining table. If you are a couple living in Pune, you can simply opt for a coffee table or a two-seater dining table. If you are a party person and love having friends and family together, you should select the dining table with at least six seats.

The dining table is available in complete wood, iron, and glass tops as well. The estimated deposit for the dining table could be around Rs. 3,000-Rs. 4,000. The monthly rent of a six-seater dining table could be around Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 1,200.

What is the Procedure for Renting a Piece of Furniture in Pune?    

It is recommended that you opt for renting a piece of furniture in Pune from a brand. For instance, you can buy combo furniture from NoBroker. Below is the complete procedure of renting a furniture in Pune:

  • Keep the required documents ready. The documents required are Aadhaar card, Proof of Occupation, Bank Statement, and Current Address Proof.
  • Go to NoBroker website or NoBroker app and select the type of furniture that you wish to rent.
  • Once done, add it to the cart and make the payment. Upon receiving the payment, our customer executives will contact you to confirm the details.
  • You will receive the delivery of the furniture for free across Pune. Our delivery men will also set up the furniture. In case, you have opted for any type of home appliance, our service men will help you understand the features of the appliances.
  • When the tenure is over, you can either renew it by contacting our customer executives or schedule a time for the pickup of the furniture.
  • Once the furniture is received by us, our professionals will check it for the condition and send you the deposit.

If you have the list of furniture you need to rent, then quickly visit NoBroker and start renting! You can get amazing prices and deals, hurry.