Your Simple Guide to Rent Furniture Online in Noida    

Whether you are busy hunting for a study table on rent in Noida or you are looking for a bed on rent in Noida, this guide would help you put together the best pieces of furniture for your home. No matter what your style is—if you like sleek pieces of furniture, we will tell you how to get it, if you like vintage-style of furniture, we will make sure you find it.

Then there is this minimalist furniture look for your home, wherein the house will look simple and sophisticated.  All-in-all, you can decorate your house by finding the right pieces of furniture, and set the tone of your home in the way you please.

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide for renting furniture in Noida:

  • Identify the Aura of your House

  • What is it that defines you and your family? Are you friendly? Would you maintain a safe distance from social butterflies? Do you rather prefer staying at your home and chill in a peaceful environment?

    The first step to renting furniture in Noida is to identify the aura of your home, which will help you turn the place into your home. Once you have decided on the aura, it is now time to associate it with the furniture. If you are a peace-loving person, you can opt for white-coloured furniture for your home. This way, when you are back at home after a long day at work, you will be able to relax in a space that you’ll love.

    On the contrary, if you are a party animal and a social person, you would find your soul in inviting people over. In such a case, you would need to rent a bigger dining table and a sofa set, more colourful furniture and more functional.

    The purpose of this exercise is to help you identify your quest for the furniture of your home.

  • Let’s Get Back to the Real World

  • Daydreaming about the best pieces of furniture lined up in your home may sound good. However, let’s address the elephant in the room. You have to think about the practical limitations of your house.

    If you have a studio apartment or a 1BHK in Noida, you already have narrowed down your choice. However, you need not worry as the modern collection of furniture would help you find out the best pieces of furniture on rent in Noida.

    It is crucial that you look at the spaces in your house and identify the need for the furniture. In this stage, you have to create a list of the furniture that you would be needing. This step is unskippable because when you directly go to the online rental furniture portal, you would be spoilt for choices. 

    During this state, you would become impulsive, and you may end up renting furniture that you may not even need, thereby stuffing your house.

  • Look for Online Furniture Rental Companies in Noida

  • Now that you have a proper list in place, you have to scroll and crawl through the web to find the best furniture rental companies in Noida.

    You will find numerous companies online that can help you rent furniture for your home in Noida. However, there are some exclusive features that are provided only by some companies. In such a situation, it is imperative that you have a checklist ready for you to partner with the right furniture rental company in Noida.

    Below is the checklist that you should look at to identify an authentic furniture rental company in Noida:

    A good furniture rental company—

    • Has a standard furniture rental policy in place.
    • Offers a legal rental agreement.
    • Has a specified rental tenure for all the pieces of furniture.
    • Provides delivery of furniture for free or at minimal cost.
    • Has a replacement window for at least a week.
    • Offers experts for the assembling of furniture.

    When you find a furniture rental company in Noida satisfying these criterias, you can partner with them to rent furniture for your home in Noida. However, if you fail to find a good company or you do not want to go through the hassles of searching for a company, you can simply opt for the furniture rental services of NoBroker.

    NoBroker has its services spread across various cities in India. It has various partners, and hence, there is a huge library of rental furniture to choose from. 

    What’s more?

    You can rent various pieces of furniture and get it delivered in under 72 hours to your home. Our experts can even assemble the pieces of furniture and make them ready for you to use.

    What are the Best-suited Pieces of Furniture for your Rental Home?

    As discussed, you have to feel the vibe of yourself or the family in the furniture that you are scrolling through on the web. Again, based on the size of your house, you can select pieces of furniture.

  • Study Table:
  • Are you a student or a working from the home individual? In this case, you need a study table on rent in Noida for your home. These days, you can get a study table and chair set on rent in Noida. Besides this, you can even look for a study table for bed.

    The typical cost of renting a study table in Noida would start from Rs. 200 to Rs. 250.

  • Home Appliances on Rent in Noida:
  • If you wish to rent appliances in Noida, you should first look at the electronic appliances on rent as well as the kitchen appliances available in the combo package. Usually, the combos available to rent appliances in Noida are inclusive of a washing machine, refrigerator, juicer, mixer, grinder, a television set, and a microwave oven.

    Among the other appliances, you can rent a washing machine in Noida for the monthly rental cost starting at Rs. 300. On the other hand, you can look for a refrigerator of the size that can fit the size of the corner of your flat in Noida.

    Based on the size and the capacity that you require, you can choose a refrigerator from a single-door refrigerator, a double-door fridge, or a triple-door fridge. It is obvious that a refrigerator that is of high capacity is wider in size.

    You can rent a refrigerator for about Rs. 600-Rs. 800.

    In addition to this, you can even rent a microwave, starting from the monthly rent cost of Rs. 300 in Noida for your kitchen.

    The individual cost of renting home appliances in Noida would equal to Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 2,500. However, when you opt for renting a combo of home appliances in Noida, you can do it for about Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 1,800.

  • Dining Table on Rent in Noida:

  • A dining table is the most undervalued piece of furniture. This is because bachelors and smaller nuclear families in India still use the chair and coffee table as their dining set.

    However, a dining table looks classy in your house. It can help you keep your kitchen stuff organized on the table. Besides this, you don’t have to take the hassle of setting up everything in the confined space of a coffee table.

    Usually, the size of a dining table starts from Rs. 500 per month. As you select a dining table for rent in Noida with an increased seat number, the rental cost would increase accordingly. Typically, the size of the dining table ranges from a two-seater dining table, four-seater dining table, six-seater dining table, and an eight-seater dining table.

  • Bed on Rent in Noida:

  • For most of the bachelors or individuals staying in a studio apartment, a bed suffices the need for the sofa, and likewise. If you own a studio apartment, options for renting a bed include sofa cum bed in rent in Noida, diwan bed on rent, and a single bed on rent in Noida. Typically, it would cost you around Rs. 200 to Rs. 250. If you are adding a mattress to it, the price will go to a higher scale.

    Alternatively, you can also look for a storage bed on rent in Noida. For spacious flats and homes, you can choose from among a king-sized bed on rent, queen-sized bed on rent, and a double bed on rent in Noida.

  • Sofa Set on Rent in Noida:

  • Looking for cheap sofa sets in Noida? You can instead rent a beautiful one for less than half the cost of buying one. 

    All you need to do is select the size of the furniture—recliner sofa set, a three-seater sofa set, a five-seater sofa set, and a seven-seater sofa set. The material available for these sofa sets are cushioned sofa, jute sofa, leather sofa, etc.

    The cost of renting a sofa set in Noida would fall in the range of Rs. 300 to Rs. 400, and the latest pieces could require a bit bigger amount. However, it would still be cheaper than buying a new sofa set.

    The whole process of renting furniture, setting it up, maintaining it, and paying for it is extremely simple when you chose to do it on NoBroker, try it today!