What are the Things you Should Keep in Mind when you are Moving into a New House?    

Congratulations on moving into a new house in Gurugram!

You have been planning to make it to a new home, and finally, your dream is manifested. However, there is a lot to do now. You have to unpack your items and organize them. If you have moved in with your furniture, you would be able to save yourself from a lot of hassle. However, if you do not have furniture as such, then this guide will help you organize and decorate your home.

You may get furniture on sale and heavy discounts; however, it is imperative that you look for the quality of furniture before buying it. Usually, cheap furniture wears out sooner, as they are probably used ones. The question arises, how to identify a second-hand piece of furniture and a fresh piece?

The answer is, it is difficult to identify. These days, shopkeepers paint the used pieces of furniture and make it look like a fresh piece. However, they cannot beat the shelf life of the wood and the glass. As a result, the furniture can wear out faster than you would have expected.

As you want to organize everything as soon as possible, going through the hassle of finding an authentic furniture seller and then buying the required pieces might seem like too much of a task. The best possible solution is to rent furniture for your home in Gurugram.

Renting furniture in Gurugram comes with its own set of benefits. You can rent modern and trendy furniture, and get it upgraded or changed after the rental tenure is terminated. Besides this, there are many furniture rental companies, such as NoBroker, that offer free furniture delivery services, so you can save about Rs. 700 to Rs. 1,000 on transportation of furniture.

What’s more?

Experts of NoBroker also assemble the pieces of furniture. So, you do not need to call a carpenter—minus Rs. 300 for that. All-in-all, renting furniture means high instances of savings.

Now think of a scenario when you need a repair or maintenance work—there’s an open expense, right?

However, when you choose to rent furniture online in Gurugram with NoBroker, our experts also offer you free maintenance service, once a year. One more instance of saving is here. Now that you know the multiple benefits of renting furniture rather than buying them, let’s us look at the process of renting furniture.

How to Rent Furniture Online in Gurugram?    

No longer do you have to look for shops that provide furniture on rent in Gurugram. You can simply log in to NoBroker and scroll through to select the pieces of furniture that resonate with you in the best possible manner. Below is a step-by-step process for renting furniture online in Gurugram:

  • Visit NoBroker website or app
  • Go to the furniture rental section on the NoBroker portal
  • Prepare a list of furniture that you would need for your home
  • Select the pieces of furniture from NoBroker
  • Select the tenure for renting the furniture
  • Move the furniture to the cart and checkout
  • Our executives will contact you for the rental agreement

Once the payment is made, and the rental agreement is created, our delivery executives will complete the delivery of your furniture within 72 hours. They will also help you assemble the furniture, and the furniture would be yours till the tenure ends.

While all the other parts of the process are comparatively easy to follow, the tough part is to decide on the type of furniture. If you are looking for help in choosing the right type of furniture, keep on reading the guide.

How to Choose Furniture for Rent in Gurugram    
Thanks to the modern era, that furniture is available in numerous sizes, shapes, and colours. However, when you are spoilt for choice, there arises this confusion for the selection of the right piece of furniture.
Bed for Rent in Gurugram    
When looking for a bed on rent in Gurugram, it is essential for you to consider all the possible options and sizes. The cost of renting a bed in Gurugram would start from around Rs. 300.

A single bed on rent in Gurgaon or Gurugram can be used for your living room, in place of a sofa set, given that you have a small-sized flat. The cost of renting a single bed in Gurgaon would be around Rs. 150.

Need some more space on your bed? Look for a double bed on rent in Gurgaon. The cost of renting a double bed in Gurgaon would start from Rs. 250. There are other options such as a king-sized bed, a queen-sized bed on rent, and even a bed with mattress combo in Gurgaon.

All you need to do is assess your need and rent bed accordingly.
Sofa on Rent in Gurgaon    
Are you looking for a sofa in Gurgaon for your spacious home?

You can opt for a seven-seater sofa in Gurgaon. You will be able to select the size of the sofa easily. However, you have to be really cautious when you are looking for the material. There is a jute sofa, cushioned sofa, rexine sofa, and others to choose from.

The cost of renting a three-seater iron sofa can start from Rs. 250. While the cost of renting a five-seater sofa set begins from Rs. 300. On the other hand, the cost of renting a seven-seater sofa set starts from Rs. 400.
Rent Study Table in Gurgaon    
These days, classy and modern pieces of study tables are available in Gurgaon. Gone are the days, when you look for a study table below 1000, study table under 1500, or study table under 1000.

The cost of buying a new wooden study table and chair is about Rs. 1800. The cost of renting a wooden study table and chair would be around Rs. 300 to Rs. 450. Besides this, if you are a book lover, you will be able to rent a study table with a bookshelf.

Do you think that your bedroom is a small space to have a study table and a chair? Simply rent a study table for bed, and you are sorted.
Home Appliances on Rent in Gurgaon    
Finding appliances on rent in Gurgaon is easier than you think. There are home appliances for rent in Gurgaon, which are inclusive of a washing machine, a mixer, a juicer, a grinder, a refrigerator, and a microwave.

You can even look for renting dining and appliances online in Gurgaon. Rather than renting each of the aforementioned home appliances individually, you can look for combo appliances on rent in Gurgaon. This way, all the home appliances would cost much lower than they really are.

The cost of renting the home appliances individually would be around Rs. 2,000 per month. However, if you decide to rent combo home appliances in Gurgaon, the cost would be around Rs. 1,500 per month.
Dining Table on Rent in Gurgaon    
Let’s face it. You cannot buy a six-seater dining table under Rs. 5,000 or even Rs. 10,000.

You have to rent it when affordability is a key criterion for you. Of course, you can buy a second-hand dining table; however, in this case, you will have to compromise on the quality of the dining table.

You have options such as a wooden dining table, a glass top dining table, metal dining table, and an iron dining table. The size of the dining table can be determined based on the size of your home.

For a spacious kitchen area, you can rent a six-seater dining table in Gurgaon. If your kitchen is not spacious enough, you can settle for a four-seater dining table.
Key Takeaway    
Rental furniture in Gurgaon is easy to find online. If you still are unsure about how to select pieces, we also have a feasible option for you lined up.

There are individual combo packages for rental furniture in Gurgaon. All you need to do is select the size of your home. If you have a studio apartment, it is recommended to select the wall-mounted and compact pieces of furniture.

As the size of your home grows bigger, you can select more and bigger pieces of rental furniture in Gurgaon. For a 2BHK flat in Gurgaon, you can rent medium-sized furniture. When you have a bigger home or a flat, i.e. over 3BHK, you can decorate your home with multiple pieces of furniture.

Look for combos to rent furniture and appliances in Gurgaon. This way, you would be able to have a single rent to pay for all the pieces of furniture. Besides this, even the cost to rent home and office furniture in Gurgaon would be lesser.

Also, if you doubt your interior designing ability, combos of rental furniture can help you decorate your home with the right size and type of furniture. You need not have to take the hassle of putting together a theme for the rental, it’s all done for you. Try it today and get stunning interiors at unbelievable prices in Gurugram.