Water Purifier with Mineral enhancer

₹ 517.00 /mo
Months in tenure

Refundable Deposit: INR 799

Rent Per Month Based on Tenure:
3 Months: INR 707
6 Months: INR 595
12 Months: INR 517

 About the product:
Features & Specs
RO+UV+UF+TDS Infuser+ME(mineral enhancer)
Total Dissolved Solids Levels:Upto 1200 ppm
8 Stage Purification
Relocation, maintenance, service- FREE
After delivery, 2 days TAT for installation.

Safety & Usage
Brand - Doctor Fresh/ Eurofab
After delivery, 2 days TAT for installation.
This RO comes with Unlimited water
Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

Documents required before delivery: PAN Card, Bank Statement for last 6 months & Current Address Proof

Availability: Available only in Bangalore, Delhi,NCR,Hyderabad,Mumbai,Mysore,Chennai

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