Davis Bounce Sofa

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₹ 1,999.00
₹ 1,449.00 /mo
Tenure (in Months)

Refundable Deposit: INR 2000

About the product: Ever had friends over and someone ended up on the floor because the sofa was too packed? No worries. The Davis Bounce Sofa solves that. It's got plenty of space for everyone. With roomy seating, it caters effortlessly to gatherings, movie nights, and solo relaxation. Rent now.


Material:"Material: Molphino
Color: Metallic Blue"

Dimension:Width: 92.52 inches : Depth: 79.92 inches :Height: 30.31 inches

Specification:Assembly: Required (Delivery team will assemble)

Documents required before delivery: PAN Card, Employment Proof & Current Address Proof

Available only in Bangalore

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