Washing Machine - Fully Automatic Front Load

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₹ 1,494.00
₹ 1,299.00 /mo
Tenure (in Months)

Advance Payment:INR Rental Advance payment will be collected as per tenurity

About the product: Rent a washing machine which has front loading and a fully automatic system. The washing machine comes with a variety of settings, helping you to wash away all your dirty clothes while saving time and energy. The washing machine you buy, on rent from us; has a clean body which does not allow rusting, compact and adds sophistication to your home. Warranty and Appliance Care: If your product stops working during the rental period, repair or replace of the product will be done at no additional cost. Issues due to mishandling of the product are not covered. It is recommended to use a voltage stabilizer if there are voltage fluctuation issues at your location.

Specification: 6 Kg

Documents required before delivery: Aadhar Card, Current Address Proof, Bank Statement, Proof of Occupation

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