Edge Water Purifier - 6 Ltr

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₹ 570.00 /mo
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Refundable Deposit:INR 1600/p>

About the product: Don’t compromise on drinking water. Install the Blue Star Edge touchscreen water purifier and get clean, safe drinking water. Key Features: Double layered RO + UV protectionTouch ScreenSpeech Assist6 litres compact tankslim and elegantfilter change alertsHigh temperature process carbonPurification Capacity of 285 litres/daySuperfine sediment filterWater tank multi level displayElectronic dispensing buttonDay/Time display1-litre/1-glass smart selection Stage Purification Process: Sediment Filter, Pre Carbon Filter, RO Membrane, UV Lamp

Documents required before delivery: Aadhar Card, Current Address Proof, Bank Statement, Proof of Occupation

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